Call For Papers Outing the Past Cork 2020

Cork will host the Outing the Past Festival on 22 February 2020 in the Millenium Hall in Cork City Hall.

The theme for the 2020 Outing the Past Festival is Poetry, Plays and Prose. The 2020 festival is dedicated to Lyra McKee.

The Cork Outing the Past Organising Committee would like to invite you to submit a paper proposal for the Festival. Proposals MUST be submitted through the central Outing the Past Festival Hub.

The deadline for submissions is 30th September 2019.

We are keen to receive individuals and groups that showcase either:

A historical reading of the past, or

1. An archival source and personal oral testimonies, sets of photos, or significant documents and the stories behind them

2. Researched presentation on a piece of unknown LGBT history.

Your historical presentation/reading/interpretation might be a presentation/explanation of a past local, regional, or national:

  • Event or related events, of direct relevance to the Human/LGBT Rights agenda & experience of history, of a group or a specific campaign
  • Account of a personal journey that includes a number of view-points.

2020 Outing the Past Cork Organising Committee: Padraig Rice, Gay Project Cork; Kate Moynihan, Linc; Fiachra O Suilleabhain, Gay Project Cork and UCC LGBT Staff Network; Diarmuid Scully, UCC LGBT Staff Network; Mary O Rourke, UCC LGBT Staff Network; Orla Egan, Cork LGBT Archive.

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